SWIMSTREAM Counter current swimming pools & equipment

Endless swimming in a pool with minimum dimensions?
The sublime SWIMSTREAM swimming machine makes it possible!
No longer do you need a pool of considerable size to actually swim, comfortably as well!

Olympic Champion Fred Deburghgraeve (Belgium) demonstrates the Swimstream swimming machine

3 differences to a conventional 'jetstream' pump system:

1.000.000 liters per hour!

The propeller driven Swimstream swimming machine moves approx. 1 million liters of water per hour. That is over 10 times the capacity of a conventional jetstream pump system.

Deep and wide stream of water

With a capacity as large as our Swimstream, one swims in a wide and deep stream of water. Like swimming in a river!

Adjustable speed

The Swimstream swimming machine's speed is adjustable from inside the pool. From a babbling brook to a wild streaming river! Excellent for exercise and pleasure, as well as serious training.

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