SWIMSTREAM® swimming machines transform the still water in your pool into a streaming river. This allows you to actually swim in a pool with only modest dimensions. For fun, sports and therapy.

The swim current SWIMSTREAM generators produce are incomparably strong (+1.200m3/hour!), even, wide and laminar. The water speed is fully adjustable from inside the pool, which means that one could also swim against a slow moving, but still substantial amount of water.

A truly great and comfortable swimming experience, whether it is for sports, therapy, or just for the fun of it.

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At Swimstream we don't believe in standard solutions. We custom-make every swimming machine to fit your project (or product), guarantying the perfect swimming experience for you or your customer.

To match or complement the look and feel of your pool, our swimming machines are available in four colours: white, dark grey, light grey and black. Additionally stainless steel cover plates are available.

As many of our customers enjoy the effects of salt water chlorination, and others use our products on their luxury yachts, everything we make is fully suitable for use with salt water.

SWIMSTREAM started making their own propeller driven swimming machines over two decades ago. By far the most of those counter current pools are still in use today. Everything we make is manufactured from 100% high quality materials suited to the applications at hand. Our swimming machines don't require any maintanance. We offer three years full warranty standard.

1.200m3 per hour!

The propeller driven Swimstream swimming machine is capable of moving over 1.2 million liters of water per hour. That is over 10 times the capacity of a conventional jetstream pump system and plenty more than 'turbine'-like systems.

Wide, even & laminar

Swimstream's counter current is impressively wide and even. Behind the grills there is a special design to guarantee a water stream as laminar as possible.

Adjustable speed

The water's speed is adjustable from inside the pool. In addition to an incredibly powerful swim current, one could also swim against a slow moving, but still large body of moving water. An extremely comfortable swimming experience and excellent for both exercise and pleasure.

Two demonstration videos

Olympic swimming champion Fred Deburghgraeve (Belgium)

At the annual Batibouw Fair in Brussels, olympic swimming champion Fred Deburghgraeve demonstrates the Swimstream swimming machine. He concludes that 10 minutes of swimming in a Swimstream pool is comparable to half an hour in a regular pool.

As the speed is adjustable from inside the pool it is entirely possible to swim against a weaker current.

Swimstream in Turkey

We received this video from one of our enthusiastic customers in Turkey. It is of a Swimstream system with a flow cabinet in the pool, comparable with the T-Model applied in our ARTH-Pools.